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Local Video Marketing with YouTube Video Marketing

Your Best Investment for Long Term Customers

From traditional television commercials in the 1960s to today’s YouTube, Snapchat, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, it’s no secret that video marketing has become a staple of our everyday lives.

While convenient and efficient for the consumer, video marketing provides marketers with an attractive, versatile, and extremely shareable medium to reach their audiences.

Online video is a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.

These Facts tell the story:

75 Million people in the U.S. watch online videos everyday.

Merely mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%.

Nearly 50% of all video is watched on a mobile device.

By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic

Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement.

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Video Marketing Boosts Conversions and Sales

Adding a product video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

Video content marketing can also lead directly to sales.

Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it so the benefits of video marketing are easily seen.

Local Video for Sacramento Home Security

Video Shows Great ROI

83% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment even when paying for video marketing services.

Online Marketing Videos Builds Trust

Video content is likely to engage us and ignite emotions.

Promotional videos can foster trust as well.

Video Does It All

57% of consumers say that videos gave them more confidence to purchase online.

Local Video for Sacramento Home Security

Google Loves Videos

You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you use youtube video marketing and  have a video embedded on your website.
Since Google now owns YouTube, there has been a significant increase in how much videos affect your search engine rank.

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Video Appeals to Mobile Users

90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile.

Google tells us that smartphone users are twice as likely than TV viewers and 1.4 times more likely as desktop viewers to feel a sense of personal connection.

Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

45% of businesses who use marketing videos said that they have an explainer video on their home page.

83% said that their homepage explainer video was effective.

We understand that many people claim to get you results. We have fallen prey to that ourselves in the past. If they can’t prove it then don’t buy it. That is why we have already built multiple YouTube channels that already have results built in.


You can rent our YouTube channel that is already performing. All we do is change a few of out track able links and redirect all of the traffic to your existing website. Then you receive the traffic from an already performing YouTube marketing channel.

We have been able to dominate YouTube rankings in every local marketing niche that we have done. We can create a custom YouTube page for you in any local niche for any city. 

You can rent a YouTube Channel for only $149.00 per month and a $299 setup fee. You can cancel anytime and all traffic is redirected to any website of your choice. We can also setup split testing for you for an additional fee.

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