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What is a 1st Page Rank really worth?

The Numbers
When you look at the statistics, it’s easy to see the lion’s share of clicks are going to the highest ranked search results.

The breakdown is as follows:
1st Position 33% of the Traffic
2nd Position 15% of the Traffic
3rd Position 9% of the Traffic

The minimum about of traffic from 1st page rankings in total is 75% so as you can see 2nd page is less than 25% of the traffic.

So at first glance, if you rank at number 1 for a search term related to one of your keyword targets that is searched for 1000 times, you can expect around 300 clicks to your site.

So let’s look at a very specific industry and local niche. The above statistics do not take in account for a local search rankings. If you are a local Sacramento Attorney then you do not care about ranking high in a different area that is outside your service area. The following numbers reflect a very specific industry in Sacramento,CA

We took the top 20 most searched keywords (see below) This group of keywords results in daily traffic of 157 searches which google values at $7,165 per day or over $214,000 per month.

That means that if you were to currently hold the top 3 positions for all of the listed keywords you would receive 57% of the traffic or 89 clicks daily.In our test case we consistently rank in the top 3 and in many cases we have dominated the entire page.

Click On The Images Below to Enlarge and See The Proof

The Images on the Left Represent a Sampling of the YouTube Search Results for Highly Targeted Keywords that people are actually searching for. There are many more results and they are all just as impressive.

Buy Our YouTube Channel or Get One Custom Made

So How Does This All Work?

We already have the results and we have shown you all of the stats that apply directly to your industry. So there really is no question about how much this can benefit you and your business.

We are currently offering this YouTube channel for purchase. We redirect all traffic to your current website so all the traffic is yours . Only ONE roofing contractor will be able to have this channel and we do not create more than one channel per city per niche. That means you need to act fast because if you do not purchase this channel your competition will.

We can also design a Custom YouTube Channel for you that can be loaded to your own YouTube Channel. We create custom videos specific to your local service and load all of the videos for you. You can use these videos to promote your business on any Social Media Service.

The One Time Payment is $599.00. There is no contract. Please see Terms and Conditions.

This is for a channel that we maintain

The One Time Payment is $899.00. There is no contract. Please see Terms and Conditions.

This is a custom channel loaded on your YouTube channel

Here are just a few of the Videos that help to Dominate the Video Rankings

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